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It is with a heavy heart that we make this difficult announcement. Providence Classical Academy was unable to secure the number of teachers needed to start the school this August. Presuming that all the teachers we received applications from worked out, we still were short one teacher. Even if we found a final teacher in the next month we would not have the time to adequately train that teacher. The vision of Providence Classical Academy is to have a vibrant school that embodies Christian virtue, a Classical ethos and a Collaborative methodology. All of these values necessitate qualified and trained teachers. 


Over the past year we have learned some valuable lessons. When we began we thought that securing families and kids would be the biggest hurdle. This ended up not being the case. We found that there is a high demand for a Christian, Classical and Collaborative school in the greater Providence area. Unfortunately, we did not foresee the difficulty of finding teachers. 

From day one we tried to communicate that this endeavor came with a measure of uncertainty and risk. That being said, we also know this puts you in a hard position. This saddens us. Please understand that we tried as hard as we could to pull this together before the fall. We now feel a deep sorrow for both you and our own children. 

While this is a major setback, we have not lost all resolve. We still believe that there is a need for a school like this in the area, and that there are many families that want this for their kids. We are going to take the summer to recalibrate (and find educational options for our own kids!). With hope, we intend to make one last stand for the following year. If you still believe in the vision and values that PCA wants to instill in children, please consider helping us recast vision, find teachers and build a better future for our kids and this world in August of 2023. 


All deposits and application fees will be reimbursed in the next few weeks. 



The PCA Board

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