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Robustly Christian

Providence Classical Academy is distinctively “Christian” and is committed to upholding the core, historical doctrines of Christianity. Education is about more than the gathering and assimilation of data. The education of a student includes the growth and maturation of the whole student as they learn to walk in the good works that God has prepared for them. For this reason, we care deeply about providing an environment and curriculum that trains students to grow in character and in the knowledge, wisdom, and love of God. 


PCA aims to partner with parents to develop wise and virtuous students. PCA does not intend to infringe on the ministry of the local church in the areas of doctrinal training, parent training, or weekly fellowship. We do, however, hope to serve the ministry of the local church by helping to further equip and empower families to fulfill their God-given responsibilities as disciple-making parents.


PCA opens enrollment to students whose *parents (or legal guardians) affirm the Apostles Creed, PCA’s “Statement on Marriage, Family, and Sexuality,” and actively participate in a faith community (i.e. a local church). 


Christian Faculty and Staff

PCA employs Christian teachers and staff to ensure that our students are surrounded by adults who model a life committed to Christ. All staff unreservedly affirm our Statement of Faith and we expect all of our staff to model the Christian life through the following:

  • Regular personal devotion to Christ 

  • Commitment to the Christian Scripture as the source of all Truth 

  • Commitment to the local church 

  • Commitment to discipleship by investing in the hearts and minds of students

Biblical Authority in Curriculum

All teaching at PCA is subject to the authority of Scripture. All curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview. Many, but not all, of the textbooks we use are written from a Christian perspective.  Christian content and practices are woven throughout our school days both formally and informally through the following:


  • Morning Assembly with traditional hymn singing and Bible memorization

  • Bible curriculum for each grade level and Biblical worldview instruction in all subjects

  • The use and application of the “Great Book” (Bible) in all subjects

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