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Cultivating a love for learning and learning for love.

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The classical model of education aligns the child's natural developmental stages with the three phases of learning, known from antiquity as the trivium.

These phases of learning––grammar phase, logic phase, and rhetoric phase––aim to help a child learn how to be a lifelong learner, and helping learn not only what to think, but how to think.

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Also referred to as “hybrid” or “University-model” education), this approach allows for a unique collaboration between parents and classroom teachers.

This blended model combines the best of private school (in-class instruction with peers) and homeschool (at home with parents), enabling the mind and heart to be formed and filled with grace and truth.

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Education is about more than the gathering and assimilation of data--it's about the growth and maturation of the whole student as they learn to walk in the good works that God has prepared for them.

We strive to provide an environment and curriculum that trains students to grow in  Christ-like character, maturity, wisdom, and love of God.

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